Jordan Webb
Onna Degerman
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Jordan Webb hails from San José, California; Onna Degerman
grew up in Helsinki, Finland. Onna began training in circus arts at age
12, at Pukinmäen Sirkuskoulu in Helsinki; she also played flute, and
sang in a choir for eight years. Jordan was also attracted to music: He
studied musical theater for six years, until at age 15 he began training
in circus skills at San Francisco Circus Center.

Jordan and Onna met in San Francisco, where they both attended the
Professional Aerial Program founded and directed by Russian trapeze
legend, Elena Panova. There, they created their aerial perch
("bambou") act under her guidance, while Jordan trained at the same
time in aerial straps with Angelo Rodriguez. Onna and Jordan
debuted their act in San Francisco in the show "Winterland" in
December 2011.

They are since relocated to Finland and have worked in theaters and
varietés around Europe. Currently touring the Mediterranean and
Carribbean in the WEP's cruise ship productions.
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